Medical Translations

Ingrid Schulz

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The 12 years spent in a hospital environment and my Master’s Degree in Medical and Health Translation are the expertise on which I built my freelance career. Live sciences cause in me the never-ending attraction of knowledge, while the human factor in medicine keeps the strong bonds built up along all those years through the relationship with patients and medical providers.


Although bilingual (German-Spanish), my complete education is Spanish (in Spain). After my Degree in Tourism, I spent a term in the UK, where I completed some full-time courses at Anglia Polytechnic University and achieved my Cambridge University certificates in English and in International Bussiness and Trade. I started as a trilingual secretary and went on as a freelance Tour Guide. During my years as a hospital interpreter, I provided for the proper care and information of patients, engaged in the communication among health professional as well as in the accurate translation of medical, legal and scientific documents and the mediation with health insurances.


The main projects as a translator were:

Gynaecology guidelines (English>Spanish)

Complete documents on a study on nutrition and sports (German>Spanish)

Medical reports (English/German>Spanish)

Scientific papers (English>Spanish)

Contracts with health insurances (English/German>Spanish)

Contracts of tour operators (English/German>Spanish)

Articles for popular science in medicine (English>Spanish)

Transcreation of medical articles (English>Spanish)

Zootechnical Standards of equine breeds (English/German>Spanish)






Ingrid Schulz